When you walk into an establishment and you see the staff laughing and having fun, it makes you feel right at home. You might even wonder, “Why are they so happy?”

When you come into Prairie Berry Winery, Prairie Berry East Bank, or Miner Brewing Company, you find this feeling.

“It’s the people that we work with, and the people that we meet working here,” is what makes Riann Reurink cheerful at her position as an Events Associate at our Prairie Berry East Bank location.

Pouring beer at Prairie Berry East Bank in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

RJ Burchatz also chimed in to say that the, “Business buys confidence in you as an employee, and as an employee you can share in the values that the organization has.” By hiring staff based on our values, this makes for a work environment where people can truly be themselves while working together to achieve one goal.

Come into one of our locations and get the experience for yourself! Even better, apply for a seasonal position with Prairie Berry and get the experience firsthand!