By Franny Myers, Gen5 Wine Club Associate

Summer is ending and fall is right around the corner. For me that means breaking out my flannel shirts, pouring myself a spiced ale, and traipsing into the woods to satisfy that instinctual desire to chop a tree down.

For our production team this time of the year means something very different. Harvest and crush are that time of year when our production team receives and processes all the grapes they will use that year. It is high energy, long days, and longer nights.

Before the grapes make their journey our way, the team has a pretty extensive checklist. Being a rural winery can pose some problems if we are not prepared. We must be certain all of our equipment is in perfect working order.

As soon as the trucks are in sight, our team springs into action. With all of the equipment checked and double-checked, all that’s left is to process the grapes. Once the grapes are here there is no turning back, no matter the time of day or night. The production team will gladly tell you stories of the countless days processing the grapes in a downpour, the makeshift shelters for the forklift that never really work, and how much they laugh about those days now.

Once the juice from the fruit and grapes are on their way to become wine, we are left with the used grain and grape skins. While the wild turkeys around us would prefer we left it all for them, the left over’s make their way to some local farmers and ranchers in the region, so they can treat their cows.