By Franny Myers, Gen5 Wine Club Associate

This is Franny, one of Prairie Berry Winery's Gen5 Wine Club associates.As a dedicated wine drinker, my knowledge of beer begins with Super Bowl commercials and ends with Clydesdales. Thankfully, working at Prairie Berry has its perks. Kate Hayes, Prairie Berry’s Wholesale Manager and Employee Educator, decided to help me tiptoe into the world of craft beer.

Selection can be determined by how a craft beer, like a wine, feels in your mouth. This is a characteristic known as mouth feel, says Kate. The weight of the wine and the bitterness can also translate into the world of beer.

If, like me, you’re an experienced wine drinker but want to learn more about craft beer, the following tips are for you. Kate has rounded up several popular Prairie Berry wines and paired them with similar craft beers from our brewery, Miner Brewing Company.


If you like this wine:

Anna Pesä Chardonnay
Characteristics: Fresh, light and bright flavor with a burst of green apple. Lightly oaked, dry and mellow acidity. Then you might like this beer:

Pouring Gose

Sea salt and citrus give Gose its refreshing, dry and lightly sour profile. A hint of sweetness, light salt and minerality on the nose with a bright, delicately sour finish.

Food pairings: Goat cheese. The light, refreshing bodies Anna Pesä Chardonnay and Miner Gose are great matches for a young, creamy cheese.

If you like this wine:

Anna Pesä Meritage
Characteristics: A traditional blended wine of cabernet sauvignon, merlot and cabernet franc, which softens the wine. This is a heavier wine on the palate, similar to a heavier beer. Then you might like this beer:


MINER Dr. Valentine
This Imperial Red IPA is deep amber to dark copper in the glass and offers light hop citrus and toasted malts on the nose. Fresh hop bitterness and malts are well-balanced and smooth with a lingering bitter finish. Dr. Valentine has a dry feel and is packed with flavor. With hints of caramel and a bitter hop finish, it’s similar to characteristics exhibited by dry red wines.

Food pairings: Young, sharp cheddar with crusty bread pairs great with both the Anna Pesä Meritage and Miner Dr. Valentine

If you like this wine:

Red Ass Rhubarb
Characteristics: Prairie Berry Winery’s best-selling and most award-winning wine has a raspberry flavor up front that fades to earthy rhubarb and offers an intense balance of fruity and tart. Then you might like this beer:

Fruit Side Dish - Glamour_1

MINER Fruit Side Dish
Brilliant amber rose in the glass with notes of tart cranberry, sweet raspberry and bright green apple on the nose and palate. Light and refreshing with fine carbonation and a dry finish.

Food pairings: A spicy nut mix, a young cheese board with goat cheese and our Kick Ass Compote.

Ready to dive into the world of craft beer? Enjoy these and other Miner craft beers at Miner Brewing Company in Hill City and at Prairie Berry East Bank in Sioux Falls. And remember, whether sampled from a growler or in a pint glass, there’s no wrong way to enjoy new beer. Explore, ask questions and repeat.