We like to say that everyone should love where they work. And we do everything we can each day to ensure our employees love working for our family of businesses.

Our businesses aren’t just places to earn a paycheck. They’re locations where our company values come to life and where an emphasis is placed on workplace education, on having fun each day and on providing employees with the tools needed to provide the best experiences for our guests.

“Prairie Berry is a family company that does it right. I’m honored to be part of the pioneering Prairie Berry family, where a culture is fostered to encourage each authentic team member to work hard and make a difference for our guests, community, the world, and themselves,” says Chris Burger, Prairie Berry’s Human Resources Manager.

Joining the Prairie Berry family means:
• Working every day against the backdrop of the beautiful Black Hills (or the historic setting of Downtown Sioux Falls);
• Selling products that are easy to be passionate about;
• Sharing our rich heritage with the power of storytelling;
• Doing stuff that really makes people smile;
• Working with amazing people who are selected based on a shared culture and values alignment;
• Joining a group of pioneering spirits and continuous learners committed to personal and professional development;
• Working in a truly collaborative environment;
• Always recognizing and sharing individual and team wins;
• Working in a fast-growing company with a lot of exciting opportunities;
• And, most of all, having a lot of fun!

“At Prairie Berry, our values of creating fun and laughter in an authentic and humble, team-oriented, environmentally conscious, quality-oriented, fast-paced setting are organically grown and lived out every day. It’s a dedication to these values that helps fuel every business decision the company makes. There’s nothing more fulfilling than working where you love what you do and the people you work with,” says Chris.

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