At some companies, enjoying your job is not a realistic prospect. But not here! When you work at Prairie Berry Winery we encourage you to be yourself, laugh, and have fun while you are working because everyone wants to love where they work.

Carol Drietz, a Tasting Room Associate, enjoys her job “because I like to work with people and meet people. I get to meet people from all over and from other countries. The people are always happy who come to Prairie Berry Winery. The atmosphere here is very calm, friendly, and it is nice to be a part of.”


Sous Chef Sam Poppen cutting a focaccia flatbread pizza.

“I enjoy working in the Black Hills because it is a beautiful and wonderful area,” says Sous Chef Sam Poppen. “I also love the creativity of the entire company. They have unique wines and we are able to expand upon those with our food and Prairie Berry Made products. I have the ability to be part of that process.”

Taking pleasure in your job is not just about showing up for work, but knowing that you will be part of the company by the contributions you make. Our staff has a voice and has the ability to put their mark on our products.

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