The Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition has celebrated its twenty-third year as the only competition that honors the best of the best among wineries from all of America’s wine regions. Prairie Berry Winery took home 6 awards during the two-day competition, including a Jefferson Cup for Wild Bill and a gold medal for Gold Digger.

The annual Jefferson Cup Invitational took place on November 17 and 18, 2022 in Mission, Kansas. At the end of this year’s tasting, forty-one wines from ten different states had captured top honors. These forty-one prestigious Jefferson Cups, the Sweepstakes Awards for the competition, were awarded to twelve white wines, twenty red wines, five sparkling wines, and four fruit or dessert wines.

Out of five hundred seventy-five participating wines, the judges selected just ninety wines to receive Bronze Medals, honoring wines exemplary of their regions and varieties, two hundred seventy-four wines received Silver Medals, and the judges found eighty-eight wines to be worthy of Gold Medals and twenty-six being granted Double Gold Medals. These are truly great wines, reflecting our goal of finding and praising wines of true American excellence.

Prairie Berry Winery winner’s included:

Jefferson Cup – Wild Bill

Gold – Gold Digger

Silver – Anna Pesä Chenin Blanc

Silver – Blueberry Honeywine

Silver – Cranberry

Bronze – Mystic

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