You’re getting married! This will be the biggest day of your life. You’ve dreamed of it for years, and now you’ve been carefully planning each detail for months. Along comes a worldwide pandemic to suddenly (and quite rudely) disrupt the plan. What do you do now?

The first step is to remember that you are not alone. You are going through this heart wrenching time with couples being similarly affected all over the globe. In addition, your vendors are in this with you. We are experiencing this situation for the first time too, and we are deeply committed to making sure you get hitched without a hitch! It breaks our hearts to see your plans change, and to have to delay the big day for the safety of your guests in accordance with the CDC. We are here to support you through this and are devoted to helping you find a new date for the party with your loved ones.

You have every right to be hurt, frustrated, upset, mad, overwhelmed, stressed, disappointed, or anything else you may be feeling. All of that being said, PLEASE know that when this is all over, your family and friends will be more ready than ever to come together and celebrate your marriage. The party may be postponed, but celebrating is not canceled! You are free to be excited, to be in love, and to celebrate the joining of your lives. We encourage you to acknowledge the date you originally chose for your wedding. Spend the day together, get dressed up, write each other a letter, make a candlelit dinner together, and dance in the living room or under the stars. Celebrate your love! And then look forward to the day when you will gather with your loved ones to celebrate again.

This virus seems to be canceling everything, but it cannot cancel love.

– Colby Loftus, Senior Events Associate

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