By Colby Smith, Sr. Events Associate

If you are planning a wedding, or have friends inviting you to attend theirs, you may be noticing the growing trend of weekday weddings. We have done some investigating to see what is causing this variation from the conventional weekend celebrations, and here’s what we’ve found.

7One of the biggest reasons for the shift is due to pricing. When planning a wedding on a budget, you’ll often see discounted rates during the week as compared to weekend rates. This is true not only of venues, but of most wedding vendors. These discounted rates often apply to Fridays and Sundays, in addition to Monday-Thursday.


Another factor facing brides is the limited availability of venues and vendors for popularly preferred weekend dates. Saturdays tend to book quickly, so if you are open to a weekday wedding, you’re likely to book a date sooner rather than later! We’ve also seen a similar situation where the desired wedding date holds a special meaning to the couple, but it falls on a weekday. Rather than waiting a few years for that date to land on a weekend, why not book it this year during the week!


Having a weekday wedding can be a fun change of pace for everyone. It breaks up the daily work grind for your guests, giving them an exciting reason to celebrate mid-week. This can also work well for intimate events, where out-of-town guests can extend the trip and have it double as a vacation. For example, a Friday wedding is an opportunity to have cocktails on Thursday evening and wedding festivities on Friday, leaving the entire weekend for enjoying local adventures and relaxing with friends and family.


Of course, the weekday wedding trend is not for everyone. For couples with a large guest count, traveling guests, or a traditional vision, Saturdays are still a fantastic option for celebrating the beginning of your married life together!


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