Like That? Then Try This.

Do you love to sip on lemonade? The perfect balance of sweet and tart makes this a go to summer beverage. If you love lemonade, you will enjoy one of our dry or semi-dry white wines like Heritage, Buffaloberry Fusion, Anna Pesä Symphony 2015, and Anna Pesä Louka 2016.

These whites exhibit the best characteristics of light summer drinking with hints of green apple, lemon, and floral notes with a refreshing finish to compliment a great summer meal on the porch.

Iced tea drinker? Many people leave their reds behind as warmer weather approaches, but you don’t have to! Think of light bodied reds as similar in body to unsweetened iced tea.

Herbed pork loin on the grill calls for a light red with a lot of character to compliment the dish. Try Anna Pesä Blaufrankisch 2015 for a great, summer-worthy red wine.

Black coffee drinkers this is for you. Do you love your first cup of coffee in the morning? Rich flavors of unsweetened cocoa and caramel are a perfect way to start the day.

Try a medium to heavy bodied dry red this summer. Our Anna Pesä Zinfandel 2013, Anna Pesä Meritage 2012, and 3Rednecks Cabernet Sauvignon will all give you that beautiful note of caramel and dark chocolate with hints of red berries. Plus, you just can’t beat pairing one of these reds with a steak on the grill.